These incidents occurred in Reading over the past few weeks:

----101802: ***MVA PIN-JOB******* At 1901 hours rescue assignment dispatched to 1700 block of N. 5th street for an accident. Companies arrived to find a 2 vehicle accident with multiple injuries and 1 occupant pinned. Additional medic unit special called at 1906 with victim extricated with jaws at 1916. All victims transported to area medical centers. Companies assigned: E11,R1,M-3,C-6. Special call: M-1
----102802: At 0326 hours still alarm dispatched for smoke investigation in the area of 19th street and Perkiomen Avenue. Companies arrived to find smoke in the area and tracked it down to a fire in a 1 story frame garage in a row of 20+ similar attached in the 1800 block of Forest street. Box 23, 19th street & Perkiomen Avenue filled out at 0333, with fire brought under control at 0407 hours. Companies remained on scene for extensive ventilation. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E13,Sn1,C-8. Box 23: E8,1,R1,M-3,C-2,E3(safety Co.)
----same date: At 1436 hours box 83, 5th & Robeson streets,AOF 1119 Church street. 3 story E.O.R. occupied dwelling, heavy fire showing 1st floor with extension to exposure 4 (a similar attached). Fire brought under control at 1512 hours with 6 occupants left homeless. Companies assigned: E9,1,8,L1,R2,M-2,C-1 & 4.
----102902: At 1510 hours box 34, 4th & Walnut streets,AOF 233 Rose street. 3 story M.O.R. occupied dwelling with heavy smoke showing from the 2nd floor. Under control time was 1538 hours. Companies assigned: E3,1,8,L1,Sn1,R2,M-1,C-1,5 & 7,E11(Safety Co.)
----103102: At 1748 hours box 19, 7th & Chestnut streets, AOF 138 Plum street. 2 story M.O.R. occupied dwelling, fire @ 1st floor rear with 1 civilian burn injury needing treatment. Under control time was 1759 hours. Companies assigned: E1,8,3,Sn1,L1,R2,M-3, C-3 & 7,E13(safety Co.)
----110302: At 1849 hours box 74, Schuylkill Avenue & W.Greenwich street, AOF 640 Gordon street. 2&1/2 story M.O.R. occupied dwelling, fire @ 2nd floor rear bedroom. Under control time was 1900 hours. Companies assigned: E11,3,1,L1,Sn1,R1,M-2,C-4,E9(safety Co.)
----110502: At 0448 hours box 712, Schuylkill Avenue. & Lehigh Street, AOF 839 Avenue A (Glenside housing project). 2 story brick project dwelling, heavy smoke on the 1st floor. Under control time was 0503 hours, with mentally disturbed occupant arrested on scene for arson. Companies assigned: E11,3,9,L3,R1,M-3,C-5 & 7,E1(safety Co.)