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    Default FD Training/ HOW?

    I want to hear how much your department trains? We currently have a state required 120 hr training requirment.However we have no true guidelines or policies to get these hours. Most officers do a little and pencil whip the rest. What does your department do to ensure quality training. HELP!!!

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    We are in an opposite position as you, In my area, we train in really massive amounts. Our Dept turned over a new leaf about two years ago and I think a average of 5 hours per day is spent training. It almost sometimes to the point of too much and is too much on occasion but I guess I would rather have too much than too little. We have what we call KSA's which is performance based evoltuions that each FF'r is responcible to get ocmpleted each year. If you want I can mail you a copy of it. It is mostly based on FF II skills and IFSTA based training as well as EMS stuff. Le me Know, Sorry I do not have a copy on line I can post or send you right now.
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