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Thread: Do YOU Know????

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    Fair call Rev
    Kia Kaha
    Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
    Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.

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    Well said Rev, and maybe your words will bring some cooling to this heated debate.

    NuckingFuts, I will gladly join you for a Killian or two, although Guinness is the "weapon" of choice, but if you're buying, I'm drinking. Poker? Well lets just say that me 'n the cards, we don't get along very well, but what the heck, I'll loose gracefully to ya anyhow.
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    Default Last Post.....

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The time has come for me to make the last post that I will make on this thread. This thread was not what I intended for it to be, and it caused hard feelings, but it did get some thinking about just what they believe. Some of you might be mad at me, and I apologize for that. I talked about this real quick with the highly respected Rev, and I have decided to ask the Webteam to close this thread, or barring that I will delete this thread all together...then it will be over. This has turned into a theological battle that will never ever end...but at least this thread can. Fellows, we are a brotherhood, and always will be. I apologize (sincerely) for any damage that I have done. I understand that I may not have had the best methods, but I feel like I was straigh up with ya'll and honest with my beliefs. That may not be such a good thing, but only time will tell. Until the next time........Oh and if I drank I would throw one down with any one of ya'll bar none.....it's just a brother thing.....Stay Safe.......God Bless.....

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    Religion is one of those ďtrip wireĒ topics in just about any mixed setting, but for some reason especially in the firehouse. I think it has something to do with the typical personality traits of firefighters everywhere. Everybody has there own beliefs about faith, religion, and spiritualism. Some are stronger in those beliefs than others. Throughout time, people have been tortured and killed, and entire civilizations have been destroyed in the name of religion. We need only look to September of last year if anyone doubts that it still occurs.

    Itís not just the differences between Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any of the other religions. There can be sustantial differences between the Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodist Churches in some cases. People can be just as resistant to acceptance of the differences in methodology in worship and teachings between those groups.

    My beliefs are strong. I can post them here, and fail to understand why nobody else sees it as clearly as I do. Or I can (and should) accept that I am devout in my beliefs, as are many others here, and understand that Iím no more going to change their minds than they are going to change mine. (I can be pretty bull-headed) Be happy in that knowledge and move on. I choose to be content in knowing that I am right with my God, according to my faith. Anyone wants to talk about my beliefsÖfine. Iíll be happy to.

    Your mistake, however well intentioned, came from trying to preach in the ďfirehouseĒ. Iíve been doing this job a long time, seen this topic come up multiple times in the firehouse, and Iíve never seen a resolution to the argument whenever it occurs. Itís as old as religion itself, and I seriously doubt itís gonna be settled on our watch whether at the firehouse or on these forums.
    Last edited by Steamer; 11-16-2002 at 03:16 AM.
    Steve Gallagher
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    I believe that all who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord will spend eternity in Hell. Now this is a very difficult concept, and I am afraid that I will draw quite a bit of heat for this, but this is the sad truth.
    This is an interesting quote from someone so fervent in their beliefs.

    "sad" truth?

    By the way, you have admitted you might be wrong.

    the only 100% way to know for sure would be to die and to find out

    Are you prepared to tell the millions of non christians that their faith is baseless?

    What about the many christian faiths who don't quite see things the same way. Are you 100% sure only those who believe as you are 100% correct?

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    Sorry, Duffman, but you arrived at the dance after the music stopped playing.


    The debate has ended.

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    I don't think the debate will ever end as long as Christians keep ramming their beliefs down others throats. Believe me, I live in the Bible Belt of the South and I face it everyday. I'm sick of the "this is a Christian nation, like or get out" crap. Religion is good for nothing except to divide people. If you want to believe the fairy tales, that's fine with me. But do it in church, not the fire station or in government. This country is made up of many, many, different peoples and they ALL have bled, wept, and died for this country. The notion that you have to be religious to be patriotic is annoying. It's not us Pagans sending everyone to hell simply for a difference in opinion.

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    I wonder if the Green Giant gets jealous because his biiigg-arse thumbprint isn't on any of his products? Perhaps his thumb isn't as big as Dinty Moore's. They say "Size doesn't matter" but if you're runnin' around calling yourself a "Giant", I'm sure it does.
    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    Talking From the Book of Python........

    With all the varied opinions here, I'm surprised nobody asked Brother Maynard to bring out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.......
    Guinness....a meal in a can!
    IACOJ, Flatlander Division

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    I dreamed of Heaven the other night
    And pearly gates swung wide,
    Jesus with halo bright
    Ushered me inside.

    And there to my astonishment
    Stood folks I judged and labeled
    As quite unfit, of little worth,
    And spiritually disabled.

    Indignant words rose to my lips
    But never were set free ...
    For every face showed stunned surprise ~
    No one expected me!

    ---Stay safe

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    Do you ever wonder why this isn't a big issue in places where people are struggling for survival? I think, sometimes, people have too much time on their hands. However, the religion and God I believe in doesn't judge anyone.(except child molestors and murders) He/she probably just gets a snicker out of everyone getting their panties in a bundle over nothing and missing the point entirely.

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    Default Re: The Rantings of a Rev

    Originally posted by DFDRev
    We must agree to disagree and move on.
    Stay safe,
    the Rev.
    My sentiments...exactly. Well done sir, er...uh..padre..father....Oh, no, I got it. It's BROTHER!...well done, Brother!
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    Default Religion--the cross we all carry

    My lot follow Hurn the Hunter--God of the forest. My sister was refused to be Christened by a Church of England vicar--her name? Diane-Goddess of hunting (how did they get on with the Princess of Wales?)More grief,pain and war has been caused by religion than any other reason. There is no God--if he exists he is a Alcholic--who else would go to a wedding run out of booze and then "Turn water into Wine"?
    "If you thought it was hard getting into the job--wait until you have to hang the "fire gear"up and walk away!"
    Harry Lauder 1981.Me on the left!

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