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Thread: Basic Equipment

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    What kind of things do you use the knife for? Anybody know of a good collapsable spanner wrench? I've heard lots of good, but also some bad about the Res-Q-Rench, so I would like to check out some more.
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    RES-Q-Wrench is good for MVA's and propping doors and such, but when you get a stuck coupling, you really need an alloy folding spanner wrench, cause the Res-Q-Wrench will just flex, and the alloy one will actually loosen really tight couplings, or caps. Webbing is good to have. Can be used for all kinds of stuff. Waterproof battery flashlight, like a pelican or streamlight. Door wedges/sprinkler wedges (a must). You can easily cut these out of wood, or get really fancy and buy the rubber ones. Some people carry tools and electrical testers and all that, but I just carry a Craftsman Professional Multitool. Guaranteed for life, and it has slip lock plieres, so if you have to, you can use it on larger things. One carabiner, and 40ft of 8mm rope. just enough to get out with a munter hitch on a carabiner, and the webbing used to make a harness, in an emergency.

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