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    Originally posted by Ltmdepas3280
    Thirty-two page of beer on the fourms...thirty two pages of beer..take one down pass it around ...thirty two pages of beer on the fourms!........GOD please help me I just can't take it any more
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    Aren't you the same one that said you personally don't believe in the BAC being an accurate gauge of intoxication? Your own statements disagree with your own statements.
    That's right, I don't believe BAC is a good measure for how intoxicated a person is. It is the generally accepted standrd though, so use it. I also don't agree with mandatory seat belt usage. But since it is the law, I use it. I can choose to disagree with laws, procedures, and concepts. Just because I think the rule is wrong doesn't mean I don't play by the rules.

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    All this crap just to say it is the law and I will follow it????????? OMG!! I give up!!! Have a beer and go to a call then!!

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