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    Question getting started

    I am currently a college student, but am looking into becoming a firefighter. What steps should i take to get started? i have absolutely no experience at all, but would love to see what it is all about. if anyone could help me with some information, that would be great.

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    Default Take tests!

    Take as many civil service tests as you can sign up for even if you don‘t want to work in that particular city, and start NOW. Some cities only give tests every third or fourth year, where I live. A good grade is key to getting interviewed. I failed my first Civil service exam! I was so hell bent on doing better I took the exam for every job posting I could find. Garbage man, Policeman, librarian not to mention I went to every major city around me and took there’s also. Study all the firefighter test books you can find and at a minimum get your EMT-B most colleges offer it and the will give you elective credits for having taken it. If you would like to up your chances of getting on, pursue your Paramedic. It’s the Golden ticket they talk about in the Movie “Willie Wonk a”. This ought to give you a good start in your quest good luck
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