At 15-1600 hours today (11-13-02) Charlotte Fire Dept. and Charlotte Douglas Int. Airport bumped heads after a reported fire in the facility. CFD Alarm dispatched automatic 2 alarm protocal to the Outerbanks Resteraunt in the "C" wing of the airport, after a reported working fire in the kitchen of the resteraunt. Batt5, Batt1, Eng. 17,30,21,10,2 Lad. 4,13 ResQ. 10 Blaze 5, and Car 28. Battalion 1 was cancelled upon dispatch by Battalion 3 (Chief Mackey) who was first in to the airport, and airport command. Engine 30, and Blaze 5 were on scene at "C-13" terminal staging per commands orders. All other incoming companies were instructed to stage at the airport entrance in direction of travel. Command faced a severe problem early in this one.....He wasn't allowed in the airport without submitting to a security search... which he declined, and had alarm document CDIA unwillingness to cooperate. Cptn. Meyers proceeded into the terminal with E30, and B5 crews. Upon arrival at the Outerbanks, fire was extenguished and all companies were released with the exception of Eng. 30, 10 and Blaze 5. This was a perfect example of sheer stupidity on the airports part. It's one of those calls that I sat there listening to at the staion, thinking to myself..."I hope that sob is rockin and rollin" just to make Jerry Ore, CDIA director, eat it!!.............................................. ....Not 30 minutes after all companies cleared there was a code 1 called in by Blaze 2...Code 1's at there airport are farely common, just added to the excitement of the day.