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    I need some advice for a problem that all of us juniors/explores will face and that is non -participating or lazy juniors. We have 8 juniors in our program and I am the oldest one. Lately about 6 of them at every meeting go outside and talk and joke around and even when we are training they don't pay attention. I have said something to our training officer about this problem and he agrees that something should be done but we don't really know how to deal with them. We could suspend them but I believe that would maybe cut us out of a few good firefighters if they left permanently. I would just like for some people including the older guys to give me some advice on how to handle these people. I am sure our dept. isn't the only one to have this problem. Thanks
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    i think yall should sit down and talk and if they dont like it then they should leave. suspending them might work b/c here at my station we had to suspend 2 cadets for their behavior and when they came back from there suspension they were very good and didnt misbehave again. and if u dont think suspension will work then u should all have a talk. talk to them tell them how u fell that wut they do bothers you.

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    this was just discussed recently:


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    You say that you are worried about loosing some possibly very good future firefighters. However, at the rate they are going now, they will never be any good at firefighting. I would rather not have them at the department, then have them show up at a call and not know what to do, or not do anything, but take credit for attending that call. If you suspend them, and they leave, well then, I guess they didn't want to be a firefighter that badly if they weren't willing to actually do some work to get it.
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    hey what you should do is tell them that they are there to learn about the fire service and be trained and all that stuff. if they were on my post i would warn them and then if they kept at it i would kick them. it is just that simple.

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