One thing I am doing to be of service to my community is keeping my hometown fire department apprised of a potential fire trap on my Perry Shopper (classified ad tabloid) delivery route and the progress or lack thereof being made to remove the combustible material piled almost to the ceiling on the house's porch. Another is involvement in the fight against domestic violence and yet, I desire to do even more. I have even e-mailed my local Red Cross Chapter and will try a phone call to follow that up. I am willing to do my part to protect the homeland and my community in particular, I just want to do more. These may not seem like much but at least it is a start. I hope my community will realize that I have more value than just as a live "crash test dummy" in an MVA and that has been a source of frustration. I have pretty much overcome the effects of the injury, and that can be half the battle right there. Stay tuned, I hope there is more good news to come. God bless.