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Received a question from a NY State firefighter regarding Saturn's roof air bag system.

It's my understanding that the side curtains are inflated by a gas cylinder in the C-post which feeds the bag through a braided high pressure line. My Department stated that they had a Saturn accident and found that line running up the A post to the headliner. I wasn't at the call but they said that they were uncertain about cutting this line in the process of roof removal, which we generally like to do to afford EMS access and facilitate removal. This was a head-on and the side curtain did not activate.

Is there a hazard in cutting this line if the bag had not deployed?

My Reply:
The Saturn roof-mounted air bag system is attached to the inside edges of the roof rails. There is NO air bag line within a roof frame or inside any roof post.

There is a tether strap that runs along the A-pillar to secure the front end of the air bag when it deploys but it is a strap, not a tube. It is on the inside of the A-pillar, NOT inside the hollow metal post.

The only tubing that runs inside a Saturn A-pillar is one of the drain tubes for the "rain gutter" around a sunroof.

Comments from any of you...?