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    Davenport Fire Department facing budget cuts

    Tuesday, November 12

    The number of paid employees on the Davenport Fire Department staff may soon be just one.

    The Fire Department in Davenport is staffed mostly by volunteers, but now a major cut in funding by the county may force the city to reduce even the small number of paid staff it now has.
    The Polk County Fire Department says it will cut 88,000 dollars in funding to Davenport’s Fire Department as part of a cost-cutting and restructuring move. They hope to build another fire station in east Polk County.
    Bay News 9’s partner, The Lakeland Ledger, reports that may mean the city will be forced to go from two paid firefighters during the day to just one.
    The county says it will take over some fire protection duties from the city to make sure Davenport residents get the service they need. Mayor Kim Miller says Davenport may want to discontinue all of its fire protection outside the city.
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    I feel your pain!

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    Post Not Me....

    I don't feel any pain up here in the Mid-Atlantic. Sure, I would be outraged at a brother losing a job over stupidity, but I think there is just a shift of a postion from one area to another. A person who worked in Davenport will now work at a new station elsewhere. The STUPIDITY comes with the Mayor's remark about not responding outside the city limits. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing a petty politician to control where an emergency vehicle will respond. PERIOD. There seems to be an epidemic of STUPIDITY in Florida these days. At least, anyone reading the forums would be led to believe so. I am, however, totally amazed that the union and/or the volunteers would put up with this crap. Anyone suprised at my position?? I'll be happy to tell you how to fix the problem, since we fixed it here many years ago. Never, ever, let municipal politicians have any control over your fire/rescue services. Here, Volunteer Fire/Rescue organizations are incorporated under state law as a private non-profit corporation, and as such, a charitable one, making all contributions fully tax-deductable. They raise funds, receive tax funds, and funds from other sources (such as billing for ambulance service) Most importantly, the corporations own their buildings and equipment themselves, not local government. There are a very few exceptions to this, but not many. Government involvement in our affairs starts at the county level, and usually works out OK for the interests of the entire area, as opposed to tiny segments doing different things in their own way. You want to get control in a tighter fashion? Take over your area Emergency Medical Services and operate all services from local firehouses. We do EVERYTHING except knives and guns,(cops are good at that) and citizens think we are the everything department. They also realize that we are the LAST place to pinch pennys at, and they say so to the politicians. WAKE UP, FLORIDA, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!! Stay Safe....
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