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    Default Firefighters on Welfare protest for higher pay

    Plant City firefighters seeking an additional pay increase

    Wednesday, November 13
    Plant City, FL

    Protesters from all across the Bay area picketed in front of Plant city's city hall on Tuesday.

    No resolutions for some Bay area firefighter that are demanding a pay raise. Plant City council members failed to address the issue at a meeting Tuesday night.
    Before the meeting, members of fire fighting agencies across the region joined their brethren from Plant City as they attempted to get their point across.
    For most of the day, a steady stream of protesters gathered outside City Hall to voice their displeasure at their pay rate, which is about eight dollars an hour.
    Plant City.

    Last week, Plant City leaders offered a five percent hike, but thatís not enough according to the firefighters. They are seeking an additional four- percent.
    "We all work second jobs; thereís only a few that donít," said David Jackson of Plant City Fire and Rescue. "Thatís because they're in school, but almost every single person that works for Plant City has to work a second job."

    Clay Acker used to work for the Plant City Fire Department but was forced to move on for financial reasons.

    "I know a couple of guys who are on welfare and have to get food stamps for their kids," Acker said. "That's really terrible."

    Acker moved on for better pay.

    City officials say they awaiting the results of a study on salaries for government employees and wonít make any decisions until the study is complete sometime next summer.

    Story from http://www.baynews9.com/NewsStory.cfm?storyid=8647
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