At approximately 1840hours on 11.17.02, BC2, E22, E7, and L4 were dispatched to Cinderella Rd. off of West Sugar Creek Rd. for an apartment. Upon arrival of E22, a 2-story masonry apt. building was found with nothing showing. Further investigation by E22 crew revealed a stove fire that had advanced into the walls. The working fire box was filled to bring in BC1, E15, and R10. BC2 assumed command, E7 layed the line and then advance an 1 3/4" line to the apt. where they met with E22 crew. L4 was assigned to access the attic while E15 was assigned forcible entry on neigboring apts to check for extension and occupants. R10 was placed in staging. E22 and E7 crews quickly accessed the wall area extinguishing the fire. Control was called at 1856hours.

This is my first fire wire post, sorry it's not a big worker! Thanks bills1 for your posts, you keep us well informed, hopefully I'll be able to help!