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    Question IC Information

    Looking for some help

    I've Been given an assignment to supply the IC Post
    on our Rescue Truck with ALL the necessary literature and
    phone numbers.
    I'am from NE Pa. for any regional information someone
    might have.
    Even if you don't have specific info, the names of
    any agencies or publications would be a great help.

    Thanks For Any Help,

    Work Hard
    Stay Safe

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    Default IC Information

    Items that should be available for the IC would include;

    PrePlans for subject responses
    Local, County, and State HazMat Response Plans
    Emergency Response Guidebook
    Poison Control Numbers
    Emergency Evacuation Plans
    National Weather Service Contacts
    Landline and Fax numbers for pertinent Agencies
    Contact information for Red Cross, Medical, Search & Rescue, Canteen / Food Services, Transportation Services, Housing, Heavy Equipment.
    Extra Communications equipment

    These are just some of the items needed for the unexpected. Many times, your Dispatch may have the available contact numbers, but during a major incident, i.e., Tornado, Chemical Explosion, WMD incident, etc, your Dispatch may be overloaded and unable to respond timely.
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    Thanks for those great ideas.

    Keep them coming.

    Work Hard
    Stay Safe

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    Smile Might help...

    Go to

    There are LOTS of resource material there. Another
    great IC book is the "FireScope" manual. It is
    California based, but offers lots of "down and
    dirty" info regaridng ICS 200 and 300 level.

    Good luck!!

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