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    Question Nfpa-1901 Annex D

    Just read that A suggested Upgrade or replacement of older Fire Apparatus, called Annex D to NFPA 1901, has been approved in only six months insted of the normal 3-5 yrs it usually takes. Some of the standards are just common sense, but why put alot of smaller poor departments in a place where they could be open to legal action because they have a piece of older equipment, even though its well maintained. When does this all stop? When some will upgrade they will find themselves faced with the same thing agin. Send the money along with the upgrade list!! Just a thought, been there and done that!

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    Look who is on the committee:
    Class 1
    WS Darley
    Fire apparatus man. assoc.

    It is a money issue only.

    An old rig can do the job as well as a new one if cared for.
    I'd take a Mack CF over any rig built today.
    BTW does anyone know where I could find a published study that led NFPA to have only red lights on a rig?

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    This is what I got from the article I read,
    It is recommended that only apparatus that meets the 1991 or later editions of NFPA apparatus standards or that is refurbished in accordance with NFPA 1912, be permitted to operate in first line service to ensure that the latest improvments and upgrades are available for the firefighters.
    It is recommended that apparatus built to meet 1979 or 1985 editions of NFPA 1901 (or equivalent ULC Standards) be placed in reserve status and upgraded to incorporate as many features of the post 1991 fire apparatus as possible. Apparatus not built to NFPA apparatus standards or manufactured prior to 1979 (over 24 years old) should be considered for upgrading or replacement.
    Looks like our ex-Forest Service 1964 Dodge 4x4 brushfighter and our 1968 pumper have bulls-eyes on them! Thats 50 percent of our fleet, next in line would be our 84 tanker, a Forest Service Co-op Agreement unit, and our 96 quick response 1 ton with 236,000 on it. I hope the Fire Act Grants are going to be around for a while!!!
    Got this info from Ken Lenz-- firefighting.com there is a discussion board at http://www.firetrucks.com/cgi-local/...i?action=intro

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