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    The span of control for any supervisor is 5-7 people I think. You could base the number of needed officers from that.
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    Default Number of Ruperts!!

    Just for statistical purposes, our POC department comprises of..

    - Senior Officers
    1 Chief
    2 Asst. Chiefs (One assigned to each station)
    4 Captains (2 to each station)

    - Line Officers -

    4 Lieutenants (originally Lt.s were assigned to be in charge of vehicle maint etc.)
    2 Safety officers (hold rank of Firefighter, rarely seen in SO mode except for the occasional shout of 'Do up your chinstrap')

    30 Firefighters

    To be honest, I doubt many Firefighters in our department know who the Lt.s are, they have same color helmets etc.. only on days where we would wear dress uniform would there be a possible chance of spotting a 'Rupert'.

    Our by-laws specify the number of senior officers, the line officers are decided by what the Chief feels is necessary.

    Personally speaking, I believe a combination of the span of control principle and the chain of command is best.. 4 - 6 Firefighters answer to a liuetenant.. 2 - 4 Lt.'s to a Captain etc. all the way to the top. Hopefully this eliminates the need for Senior officers on scene to personally tutor forcible entry techniques, then they can spend their time viewing the big picture (hopefully benefitting us all).

    Just my two pennies.

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