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    Cool FMC Used Pumper

    Our department is looking at a used Kenworth/FMC Pumper. Have not been able to find out much about the FMC brand. Can some point me to some information. Does anyone have an opinion on FMC?
    Thanks for any information.
    Malcolm Cunningham
    Hardin Fire Prot District

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    We have an '85 FMC/Chevrolet Pumper and my only complaints about it are with the Chassis itself - not one bad thing I can say about the quality or construction from FMC.

    This truck went to a large furniture mfg. plant fire in '92 (I think it was '92) and pumped in a relay operation for over 24 hours - continuos. They had fuel trucks come by and fill up the gas tanks (yes it's a gasser) as needed.

    I tried to do a quick internet search for FMC. I'm 99% sure they are no longer produced (at least under the FMC name), but I couldn't determine if anyone bought out FMC or their patents or what.

    Hopefully some of the apparatus Historians out there can help us with that.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    I worked with a department that had two FMC pumpers. They were alright especially if you are not a very busy department. They tended to be on the low end of the apparatus market. The two pumpers we had were equipped with FMC/BEAN pumps which we had some problems with, but they later switched to using Hale. Again, most of our problems were with the chassis, not FMC. We had minor rusting problems mainly with the tank.

    FMC went out of the fire truck business several years ago and as far as I know were not bought out by anyone.

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