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    I need a little advice. I need to strengthen my legs (dramatically), but running is not really an option right now. It's getting too cold, icey, and gonna start snowing soon. Are there any specific exercises that are really good for leg building that can be done with no special equipment at my home?


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    Squats. It's better with weights but just doing them with your own body weight is better than nothing. For calf's, find a phone book, hold on to something and step up onto book. Place your foot on the phone book like you see a diver doing a backwards dive, just your toes supporting the weight. Put one foot behind the ankle of the other and raise up and down, seitch legs and repeat.
    Plyometrics may also be a way to go. Do a search for these exercises. Professional teams use them for explosive power. All you need is a strong box about two feet tall.

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