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    Default affirmative action hiring/promotions

    hang on...I'm not trying to stir the hornet's nest...

    I'm working on a bibliography for a masters thesis class, and I need some links or areas to look at for published volumes on the matter. I know it's been an issue for Boston, FDNY and DCFD...Can anyone point me towards some material I might read on the matter...

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    hummmmmmm ....
    St Louis has a long trail of that.

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    Default Here's a good story on just that subject...

    Firefighters Turn Down 'Affirmative Action' Promotions
    Policy Of Promoting By Race, Gender Frustrates Some Personnel

    POSTED: 9:16 p.m. CST November 13, 2002
    UPDATED: 9:24 a.m. CST November 14, 2002

    OMAHA, Neb. -- Three Omaha firefighters turned down promotions this week. They said the promotions were based on the city's affirmative action policy and not on their performance, KETV reported.

    Fire Union President Mike McDonnell met with the fire chief Wednesday morning to discuss the seven captain positions open in the department.

    Five of the seven positions have been awarded to, and accepted by, Caucasian men who scored at the top of their class.

    The next person the chief offered the position to was a Caucasian woman who ranked 24th. She turned it down.

    The job was then offered to an African-American man, ranked 36th, and another Caucasian woman, ranked 37th. Both turned the job down.

    "You have people in a fire station trying to work together, live together. To have someone take a promotion based on race -- not where they finished on the test -- that's very frustrating to a number of people," one firefighter told KETV.

    Two African-American men who ranked 38th and 39th have accepted the offer. They mayor will be asked to sign off on their promotions next week, KETV reported.

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    So you have to ask yourself a few questions on this one,

    1) How, as member on one of these guys' companies, much confidence do you have in these guys as your company officer knowing that they were promoted over 33 other people - two of whom had the intestinal fortitude to turn down the job prior to them being offered it? (My hat is off to those who turned it down, it must have a very gut wrenching decision for them to do so.)

    2) How can you sleep at night knowing more competant (Presumably), higher scoring, and more qualified (Presuming) individuals did not get the job but you did only to appease the PC police?

    3) Can you all see the grievances filed on this one and the ensuing lawsuit? Nevermind the fact that when it does go to court the promotion list will be held up for YEARS over this. Didn;t they learn anything form St. Louis when they went through this earlier this year?
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    Posted by Da Sharkie...

    Didn't they learn anything form St. Louis when they went through this earlier this year?
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    Check out merit matters and ask the chief for his links. Lots of info

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    Austin, TX is currently trying to get a consent decree passed in federal courts. The union is trying to interdict.

    Google Austin consent decree and check out the union's website. Lot's of unbelievable info was made public.

    Too bad you don't want anecdotal evidence, there is a $h17 load of it.

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