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    Default Air Bag Covers

    Had a question for everyone out there on the air bag covers that are designed to protect the victim & rescuers in the event of an accidental air bag deployment during an extrication. This issue arose in someone else's post in the FF's forum - it seems most people don't like them so I thought I'd get some feedback from this forum.

    So my question is what do you think of them? Do they work? Are they just another thing to get in the way? Do you actively use them & if so, what has been your experience? Anyone out there ever had it in place when the bag deployed?

    The reason I am asking is simple - I am a fire & rescue equipment vendor & have been offered to handle this product. I'm not making a sales pitch here - I am ONLY interested in your constructive feedback about the concept of the air bag covers & their effectiveness (or lack thereof). I'm an active rescuer myself but don't have experience with this tool firsthand so I want feedback to know if it's a viable thing that depts. would want or if it's just considered to be a pain in the A#@.

    Please folks - no bashing of vendors or anything like that about all they want to do is make a quick buck selling crap..I'm not like that which is why I'm asking for your help to answer this question - I won't sell something if it's considered to not be practical or safe. I just want your feedback on your experience with these covers & what you like/dislike about them.

    Look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks in advance for the help. Stay Safe.

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    The Consencious(sp?) of most rescue instructors I know, is to avoid these gadgets! I guess the easiest way to make my point is, would you put a cork in a shot gun and think it would protect you from injury? the simple answer is no! there are several reputable manufactures out there that produce and sell these devises and I have seen them work during demos and I also know that they can fail to. An Motor Vehicle Crash can and does produce a lot of varriables and some of them affest the the integretiy of the steering column and Steering wheel all of which are key components to making the system work. So in conculsion, I would say avoid selling them if you can, If you can't and as a sales organization you may not be able to avoid that, do not push them and tell your customers that these devices are not 100% gurantees to protect them. Push disconecting the electrical system when ever possible, and the 5-10-20 rule of thumb for avoiding the strike zone!
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    Have a look through the archives of this forum and you'll see quite a few threads on this topic....

    Well worth the read, but I don't think you'll come out any wiser- it's too much of a contentious issue!

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    So you want to sell these things? Let's see, in a class action law suit, the vendor could probably be named in the line to get back to the manufacturer. As Lutan points out, we have hashed this one out several times in the past. The Clift Notes version is that you already have enough hazards at a crash scene, so it would not be wise to add another one. Airbags are designed to be deployed, not restrained. To many "what ifs" when you use one of these things for me to be comfortable with them.
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    The debate over bag covers will never end. One thing I will say, I would think most companies that sell air bag restraint devices have tested them, especially in this litigous world ( Holmatro said they did ). One thing I haven't seen is any auto manufacturer, air bag manufacturer or the govt. agency with actually test results that show they don't work. They may say not to use them, but have they tested these devices, and if they did, which ones ???

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