08/20/02 2528 Druid Hills Blvd 2 story split level structure. Fire started in window mounted Air conditioner. E-1,12, A-1and C-3. 1st in company made quick knockdown on main fire room. Very limited damage to home.

08/20/02 3400 Blk on Carver Sch. Rd. A stubborn vehicle fire required 2 engines to contain. E-12,3 and C-3. Leaking gas line hampered FF's, thus resulting in the use of a foam line to exstinguish the vehicle.

08/20/02 3692 Old Greensboro Rd 2 story wood frame with heavy fire showing. Fire started in basement due to an overheated window mounted Air conditioner. E-17,4,A-1 and C-2. 1 additional engine requested for relief and mop-up, E-12. 1st in companies knock-down fire in basement and Trk company opened up walls and floor.

08/21/02 2 Story wood frame Numerous calls on this incident resulted in additional Engine on 1st alarm assignment. E-12,17,15,A-2 and C-2. 1st due E-12 made quick wk on a working fire in the rear of the structure and 2nd companies mopped up.Hose was vacant and fire was under investigation,

08/21/02 908 Est 3rd St. 2nd working fire at same time as previous incident. 2 story wood frame heavy smoke showing. E-1,3 A-1 and C-1. IC requested 2nd alarm E-6,E-4 and Air resouce 1. Fire had good head start and became defensive operation. Structure was vacant and is under investigation