08/27/02 2490 Armstrong Dr. Commercial Bldg Fire. E-2,16, A-4 and C-1 Heavy smoke showing upon 1st in company's arrival. 2nd alrm requested E-10,6 and Air Resource 1. Bldg was heavily damaged.

09/08/02 Wade Ave@ Talcott Ave. 1 story brick on block residental structure. Heavy fire and smoke showing. E-15,14,A-3 and C-3. 2nd alarm requested bringing E-8,18 and Air Resource 1. Fire had good head start, rapid ventilation by Trk. 3 provided relief to interior crews. Home was totaled.

09/20/02 930 N. Patterson Ave 2 story wood frame structure. Heavy smoke showing E-1,3,A-1,and C-1. 1 additional Engine requested E-4. Quick knockdown and rapid truck work. Additional engine was used for relief company.

09/26/02 Stockton St @ Mommoth St 2 story Duplex with fire showing from 1st and 2nd floors. 1st alarm companies used master streams to knock-down main fire body. An additional Engine, E-4 and Air Resource 1 requested to the scene. Fire was intentional set and suspect was caught and arrested in this incident.