09/29/02 4260 Browsboro Rd 2 story apt with fir showing from 2nd floor apt of a 10 unit apt bldg. E14,8,A-3 and C-3. 2nd alarm requested E-9,15 and Air resource 1. Trk 3 performed rapid ventilation and enabled's the interior crews to knock down the fire.

11/12/02 I-40 over Business 40, A tractor trailer swerved to avoid an object in the rd. The truck crashed into and over the side of the bridge leaving the tractor to dangle over the edge of the bridge. The crashed ruptured both saddle tanks causing a massive fire. The trailor was carrying rubber pellets. E-2,10 and C-1 was on the 1st alarm. An immediate 2nd alarm was requested bringing E-6, Aerial 4, County tanker 14 and Both HAZMAT 1 and 2. The driver jumped from the burning tractor to the ground below he later died from his injuries. Numerous foam lines were used to contain the fire.

11/13/02 1024 Cayuga St. A 200 gallon fuel oil spill from an above ground storage tank. E-9,3, and C-3 HAZMAT's 1&2 were requested to contain the spill. An outside contractor were called in to provide clean-up.