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    Question Any Information?

    I am currently planning to graduate high school in the Spring of 2004.
    I am a junior firefighter and have been for over two years now. I have finally made up my mind and decided that I want to be a firefighter. I just have a few things to figure out. I need to decide whether to go to college or not. I am pretty sure I want to but I need to figure out where. Does anyone know of any good colleges that offer firefighting courses. I preferably want to attend a college where I can major in firefighting. I am currently trying to gather more information on the University of Maryland because I heard they offer a great firefighting program and College Park Fire Department offers some type of live-in program for students attending the University of Maryland. I am looking for information on any colleges offering firefighting programs and information on any departments offering live-in programs for college students. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    The University of New Haven in CT offers a range of fire science degrees: www.newhaven.edu

    Firehouse.com had an article the other day on College Park and Hyattsville FD's which both offer housing arrangements. Others in the area do, as well.....

    Then there's Eastern Kentucky, a college in Oklahoma, John Jay in NYC, and various community colleges.

    Go for the Engineering -- I wish I had sometimes.

    Also check out the IAFC Foundation for scholarship information, the deadline is usually August 1 every year.

    If you search the Forum "archives" you'll find a similar discussion.
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    There's also Oklahoma State University, home of the IFSTA.

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