11/13/02 #51 Motor Rd. 1 story brick Rancher w/ heavy fire showing. E-9,14,A-3 and C-3. 2nd alarm requested bringing E-3,8 and Air Resource 1. Superb job, 1st in company on initial attack, Trk set-up PPV (Fire was already venting out 2 Lg front windows) 2nd E-14 provided back-up line, 3rd due E3 provided RIT 4th due was relief company. TEXT BOOK JOB!

11/18/02 Hwy 52NB between Akron & Patterson Ave. A tractor trailer swerved to avoid an object in the Rd, The object ruptured one of the saddle tanks causing a 200 gallon diesel fuel spill. ( A city cop car also suffered from the mishap and ended up rupturing his fuel tank too, TOO BAD FOR THE BOYS in BLUE!) E-9,14,HAZMAT's 1 and 2. Companies out from 0159 till Sunrise.

11/20/02 1616 Harrison Ave. 1 story structure Heavy fire showing. E-1,3,A-1 and C-1. An additional Engine requested E-8 for relief and Air Resouce 1. Heavy Fire conditions encountered by crews.