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    There are ways around any rule. I have 2 examples off the top of my head, just think, you can come up with creative ways to do anything.

    1. You do provide a service (as previously mentioned)

    2. The people are donating to the Fire Dept, not the explorers. BSA can't say the DEPT you are on cant take donaitions. (after the FD gets the $$$, it can be spent how they like, such as on the explorer program)

    3. You're not taking donations as Explorers, you're taking donations as local citizens, who want to help the dept
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    the immaturity level in these forums is at an all time low...
    It sure is. Whatever happened to everyone that started all the good threads, you know, the ones that made you think? Now it seems that every other thread is about lights and sirens. Who cares about lights and sirens? I don't, Rob doesn't, I'm pretty sure Custer doesn't, I know for a fact dfdex doesn't, and there are countless others that used to frequent this board, but they don't post that much anymore, because of the immaturity. Some people in here really need to grow up and realize that the fire service is not a game, it's not there for "fun". Real people's lives are on the line, and their lives may depend on you. I don't really think they care what color lights your POV has on it or if your POV is an emergency vehicle, I think they care more about the fact that we are here to help them, and I think we can't learn to better help them in the future if every other topic on these threads is about lights and sirens.
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    What we do is we stand outside our shop rite or something with a bucket and ask for donations or were selling christmas tree ornaments with our company logo on it.

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    Default Fundraisers that work

    Hello Everyone, let me first introduce myself. My name is Mike Sherron and I am the Volunteer Chair of the Tri-State Fire Exploring Committee. We coordinate council-wide Fire Exploring Activities for Dan Beard Council, Cincinnati, Ohio.

    My Explorer Post has come up with two successful fundraisers. The first is your favorite "Free Car Wash." We found that a good sponsor from a store providing some blacktop and a good car washing crew can net you $300 in an afternoon. The other idea we have is selling chemical light sticks (glow sticks). The ones we sell are four inches long. We buy and put safety pins on them the two weekends before Trick-or-Treat. The idea is to pin the glow stick on the kids walking around and make them more visible to cars.

    The second idea sells well and only requires a couple of energetic explorers for a few hours in your favorite grocery or department store. Also, this fund raiser has the added bonus of great PR points and recruiting opportunities for your post.

    If you would like info on the vendor we use, feel free to email me.

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