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Thread: Meet-n-Greet

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    Southwest Virginia


    any southwest VA firefighter/ems around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fungirlwriter View Post

    Hi! I am a writer/photographer.I'm not a FF
    but my writing is how I am

    Any special news about your dept,
    or if ya just wanna say hi,feel
    free to write
    me.My email is:

    Becky Robinette Wright

    Okay, this is an old post so you probably won't respond. . . but you're not the one who went through recruit school are you? 30 in 30 out?

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    Default Roanoke here

    I am a Lt. with Roanoke Fire-EMS (city).

    I also run http://www.VAFireNews.com

    It is good to see this thread make a comeback.

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    Default reply from fungirlwriter

    No I was not in the 30 in 30 out.

    If you are in Chesterfield,you probaly have seen me in the field somewhere.

    I am sorry you are having issues with with your work and/or people/command. If someone is not happy in their work it can be a living heck.

    I am not telling you what to do,this is just a suggestion. And you do not have to name names or the unit/station you are with. Don't tell me. My suggestion is this...is it work/protocal issues alone,personality conflicts..or a mixture of both?

    Is there anyone you are comfortable with that you can discuss your issues with? Being stressed out all the time is not good for you and how can you be happy,of course you will be miserable.

    Also,sometimes when our nerves are raw from one thing-everything seems harder to deal with.

    My suggestion is this: Would a transfer to another unit/station help? Would a short leave help? Maybe even a chat with the Chaplain to just get things out?
    Maybe,go to adminstration and be honest about what you are dealing with and ask them-what are you suppose to do to solve these issues? I don't think anyone would be mad at you for trying to solve problems,I think you would be admired for trying to get things settled. I'm not saying it would easy,but it might be okay.

    It would be tragic to lose a good EMS provider,but if all else fails is working for another jurisdiction an option? Maybe it would be less stress. Only you know if that would be good for you or not.

    I really hope you can get the issues worked out,I am sorry things are tough for you right now. You are trying to do a good thing with your life,don't give up,please keep trying.

    I hope nothing I have said sounded bossy or offended you,I was just trying to offer some suggestions to help you,not tell you what to do.

    If you wish,you can contact me at fungirlwriter@yahoo.com or we can communicate here.

    be safe

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    im from lower king and queen (right next to the york river) were i am a junior firefighter. We have a rural department but have had some horrible fires.

    dont know if ya'll heard but that plane crash were 13 people died. That was us.

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