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    Question accountability

    I am currently Chief of a 70 + mostly Volunteer with (7 paid drivers for city response only) we have 3 stations 1 city 1 rural 1 combination with city and rural apperatus we cover 272 square miles with a population within that area of 68,000 people.
    My question is that we currently use the 2 tag accountability system which I think doesn't work that well , on a city response the city engines respond with there repective driver/operator on duty to the scene in there district then all the volunteers respond to the scene.sometimes tags are turned in then sometimes not then the fire officers go around and ask was he here or not.
    On a rural call everyone responds to the 2 rural stations then leave from there so there is a liitle control so we know who left on the rural equipment sometimes.
    We are currently looking at the Boi Systems Touch-N-Tack System and maybe the Grace T-Pass System.
    My question is has anyone used either system and how well do you think they work or are there better solutions to the accountability system.
    Thank You for your time to read this
    Chief Mike Martinosky

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    Default accountablity

    The department I recently left due to moving out of the area had what I thought to be an excellent accoutablity system.
    Firefighters wore yellow helmets, Lt black, Capt red and Cheifs white. Each member was given a 1 1/2" x 2" plastic plate with their full last name and first initial engraved on it. The plate was also color coded to represent their rank. All members had these plates velcro'ed on the front right side of their helmets. Behind the faceshield and to the right of the dept emblem sticker on the front of their helmet. In each apparatus there is a 'passport'. The passport is a 2" x 7-8" plastic plate the top of the passport is engraved with the apparatus# (i.e. E-1) underneath that is velcro. All the Cheifs have accoutablity boards in their response vehicles with passports representing teams. The board has velcro on it too. the board is broken into fire attack, vent, water, ops, sector, divisions, RIT, pri search, secondary search, overhaul, salvage and etc.
    Here is how the system works. A call is toned out. Members respond to the stations (this was a volunteer dept also) While enroute to the scene all tags are placed on the passport. On arrival the passport is given to the IC by the senior firefighter or officer on that apparatus. Or if this is the 1st due apparatus the engineer holds onto the passport til a Chief arrives. Then the engineer turns in the passport or all that they have been given. IC leaves the member that is engineering that apparatus on that passport (i.e. E-1) He then takes the rest and forms teams with them. As he forms teams the members that are standing by @ the command post are advised which team they are on who is in charge of the team. The member designated team leader is placed on the top of the passport representing his team. As they are given assignments IC places their passport in that area of the accountablity board. He moves the passport arounds as teh incident progresses.
    Now how does the IC know that he has all members accounted for on the scene.

    1) Dispatch documents which apparatuses go enroute and w/ the # of personnel onboard.

    2) All members have it drilled into their head from the 1st day of training to report directly to IC, after donning a SCBA.

    3) All members, firefighters and officers alike are taught to make eye contact with the velcro area on one anothers helmets as they come across one another on the fireground. IF they come across someone that still has their tag they are directed to the command post.

    4) Before members enter a structure, if man power is available, a Cheif or officer is stationed at the door. This member double checks the firefighters PPE, SCBA and look for the black patch of velcro on the helmet.

    This system was the first accountablity system put into place at my last department. Even with this being the case, all firefighters were accounted for and I personally cant recall a time when a member was found inside the structure without having turned in their tag.
    On top of all that it is a very inexpensive way to provide a accountablity system for your department.

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    try and there is a forum dedicated to accountability. i'm sure you can find additional answers there that might suit what information you are searching for.
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