The past two days the Santa Anna winds have racked over Southern California causing all sorts of problems ranging from downed power lines to felled tree's
With the high winds a red flag alert was issued Monrovia FD has a recall crew staffing Engine 701 as well as Patrol 101
Well this monring the winds continued but this time they caused major problems first a downed power line started a small 1 acre brush fire on Normebega broke out, Engine 101, Engine 701, Engine 102, Engine 105,Engine 244, Squad 101 and Battalion 10 responded and established Noremnbega IC
A house fire was then reported on ridgeside with a full first alarm mutual aid assigment dispatched from Arcadia, Sierra Madre and San Marino, That turned out to be a false alarm
At the same time a house fire was reported on Cloverleaf, The reported house fire on Cloverleaf was a fast moving brushfire in heavy Brush Arcadia Battalion 105 established CloverleaF IC and called for a 2nd alarm, Staff 10 (Chief Digiovanna) was notified and responded Code 3 from his residence. Homes were imediate danger and Sierra Madre Engine 41, South Pasadena Engine 81, San Marino Engine 91, LA County Engine 5 and Alhambra Engine 71 formed Strike Team 1200A
A strike team from LA City and another Strike Team of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena was formed
The EOC in Monrovia was actiavted, Chief Digiovanna took over command as Cloverleaf IC and had Monrovia PD due a full evacuation of the Hidden Valley Area, To avoid clogging up the only street that led up there residents were led out on the Clamshell fire road. Clovelead IC also requested the entire LA County FD Air force consisting of 4 Choppers 2 Helitanklers and 2 Super Scoopers, Helipad 44-B was activtaed LA County Engine 44 was helipad Engine
The LA County Fire Department also formed a Strike Team and Cloverleaf IC established a joint Command with LA County Fire, Monrovia, PD, US Forest Service,
The Monrovia Fire Department this past summer practiced dealing with a situation like this pre attack plans were drawn up with specfic areas designated for staging, The command post was locatred at Alta Vista and Hillcrest, Staging for the incident was on Foothill betwen Mayflower and Alta Vista. With the norembega fire out units were then diverted to the Cloverleaf Inicdent
The fire burned 10 acres, No homes lost, Many foothill residents lost power
A staff recall was done and OES Engine;s 228 and 230 were manned. Monrovia PD did a recall and ran out of patrol cars, They were also assisted by Arcadia PD and the California Highway Patrol
Verdugo than advised a flare up had occured on the Norembega fire Sierra Madre Engine 341, Squad 102, Engine 702, Engine 52, Engine 91, and Staff 10 dispatched, Staff 10 advised he would change call signs to Battalion 101 and was Norembega IC with several palm trees on fire
So it was a crazy day here in Monrovia both fires were caused by downed powerlines the Santa Anna's are expected to tapper off by tommarow, Power has been restored