We can only reflect on yet another tragic event that has taken three Coos Bay firefighters.

My question is this - was it stuctural collapse or 'backdraft' that will be recorded as the LODD cause? All the reports I have seen are headed with 'stuctural collapse' or 'roof collapse'.........

'The incident was dangerous but not out of the ordinary', Coos Bay Fire Chief Stan Gibson said.

"The fire was a fire that we routinely handle," he said.

Unable to find the source of the fire and feeling the increasing temperature, firefighters on the inside became concerned that the blaze was burning in a dead zone between the roof and the top floor ceiling.

Gibson surmised that when firefighters tried to carve an opening in the building's ceiling, trapped gases that had heated found the oxygen they needed to flash into a blaze. The ceiling, floors and walls combusted immediately and possibly caused a rafter to dislodge and cave in on the men.

As the roof fell, Coos Bay firefighters in yellow gear and North Bend crews in black dived out of the building and sprawled along the curbside to count who had been left inside.

Men were missing.