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    Default Bullard TIx Demonstrator

    We are considering buying a Bullard TIx. The salesman is pushing a demonstrator unit for $3000 less than a new one. The warranty is only for 3 months, with a year warranty being another $1000.Has anyone had experience with a demo unit? It seems better than the T3 for overhaul & finding fire.

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    The adjustable iris (thermal throttle) on the TIx does give it excellent flexibility in doing overhaul or looking for hotspots. Do not feel "pushed" into buying new vs. a demo; choose whichever is more comfortable for you. If it helps, electricians claim that if an electrical component is going to fail, it will usually do so in the first 90 days (that's why so many TV, radio, CD warranties are 90 days).

    As with any TI purchase, ask the distributor for references. The distributor should be able to supply the contact info of other FD's that have purchased demo units. I personally know a few FD's that have purchased demo units, and you can email me directly for them if you would like.

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