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    Ok.. Just a quick post before I ship out. My last day on the job, a gentleman came in and applied for the postion of, CALL FF.

    Okay, NO BIG DEAL, right...

    From what I hear now, the man was declined the postion due to a negtive criminal backround.

    Okay, happens all the time..

    He has no expierence, in the fire services, but has his FF1 and FF2, not sure on hopw he accomplised this but). Evan though he has a criminal backround, why deny a man more than qualified, to do the job, so my parents tax dollars can goto pay another man to go through training, Im not trying to sound like an *******, argg but if the town thinks of there budget and OURS before making a decision****ok,, off the point...

    The question is...

    Why deny a man more than qualified, to do the job
    What you think...

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    Let's see... trustworthy guy or guy who has proven that he has no qualms about robbing your FD blind. Trustworty.... not trustworthy.... trustworthy....not trustworthy...hmmm. Go around and ask the taxpayers in your town weather they want you to hire a guy who has a criminal background (murder, burglary, vehicular homicide, negligence, larson, arson, etc) or pay for a nice guy from a nice family to go through training to be a FF. My guess is that they'd rather you pay to put a moral person into a public service position than a morally deficient person, no matter how much training he has. Our society shuns those who go off and mess up, so put yourself into the chief's shoes for a moment and explain to the world why he hired this guy when the local news finds out about his background.

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    Where we come from, a negative criminal background check, means that this person has done something totally off the wall wrong. i'm not talking speeding tickets here. We are talking Felony with conviction on their record. I don't care if someone came along who invented modern day firefighting. If they can't be trusted, they shouldn't be on the department. And just as the prvious post, journalists, are always looking for the newest dirt on public officials, and anyone who operates within a public department, including police, fire, politics, etc.

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