News Release - Village of Montour Falls
At 3:11 am the quiet early Thanksgiving morning was interrupted by the smell of wood smoke, the cry for help and the sound of air horns and sirens wailing through the streets of the Village of Montour Falls. The occupants of 117 East South Street thought they had control over a small fire in a cushion of a love seat as they discarded the smoldering material out a back door. But as Asst. Chief Carson was soon to witness, the fire was far from extinguished. The smoldering fire broke into a rage when the air got to smoldering embers. Windows blew out as first arriving units approached and the crew of E-16 had their hands full. Chief Cartwright transmitted a second alarm to the address and an ambulance summoned to care for an adult male occupant with burns to the hands. The fire was knocked down by fire fighters Scott Monington and Shane Mossier in short order, but the task of finding extension and completely extinguishing the job was to take longer. Fire depts. from Watkins Glenn, Odessa and Burdett assisted with the final extinguishment of the fire. Mayor Jack Clearly a familiar face at village emergencies directed the DPW to shut off water to the residence and complete all other support functions to the fire department. A family pet cat was found dead in a bedroom and house was damaged by smoke and flames. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Schuyler County Fire Investigation Unit.