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View Poll Results: Should OH require more training for Volunteers?

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  • Yes - FF1 within 1 year and FF2 within 2 years.

    37 49.33%
  • Yes - FF1 within 1 year.

    28 37.33%
  • No - 1A is good enough.

    10 13.33%
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    Default 36 hr

    Hi, this summer I completed the 36-hr and then had a live burn day at the school's burn tower. This was in Butler County.

    Our instructors were very straight up with us: "This class you are taking is just enough to get you killed. You must continue your education."

    I really liked that frankness.

    I interviewed with my rural all-volley township fire & rescue and they have a lot of people who just have the 36 hr but have learned on the job. That being said, they are encouraging everyone to take FF1 and FF2 as they can. Most everyone works a 40 hr job and also farms, so time is a factor.

    A lot of the dept is older. This is a tight community and people tend to stay on as volunteers as long as they are physically able. I will be very proud if they take me on and know I will learn a lot from these experienced people.

    And I will also take FF1 and FF2. Experience and training go hand in hand for the best education, I think.

    Stay safe everyone.

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    Sounds like you've got the right attitude enginegirl. Training and live fireground experience will teach you volumes beyond the calssroom but the classroom gives you the credentials. Also pay attention to the experienced firefighters you can learn alot. Often times they will pick up something from you too. Keep on training and stay safe.

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    Default thanks

    Thanks Jethro. My husband applied also and they took us both on. After our probie period the township is putting us both through FF1 and EMT-B. They have been fantastic with us, very welcoming and happy to show us everything. We are PUMPED and honored to work here, great dept.


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    I think the fire fighter I level is a good start

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