On november 20 we had a small airplane to crash in Kentwood, Louisiana. With 2 passengers 1 was killed on the scene. The call came to Kentwood FD at 7:27 am to go to inspiration park for stanby while a plane makes and emergency landing. The call came from the FAA. Kentwood Fire got to the scene but found no sign of a plane. The dispatcher called the FAA back and the FAA did not know where the plane was just that it was on the ground. Just that time another call came from 911 from a hunter who saw the plane crash and would take KFD to them. The only thing was the KFD was 15 minutes from the site. Kentwood sent KP3 to follow the hunter way back in the woods. The path was so small Kentwood was not able to get the big freightliners back ther but was able to get one small truck. THe piolt and passenger had to be extricated. Acadian ambulance took the piolt to the nearest hospital in McComb Mississippi to stabilize him. This could have been much worse. Please E-Mail or reply if you have any questions.