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    Cool Me thinks you doth protest to much......


    I have noticed that you spend a lot of time on your computer. This, coupled with your constant need to partake in the ale makes me wonder.......

    ......if you spent more time trying to be professional, as opposed to arguing with those who are, could you possibly achieve it?

    Personally you have renewed my belief in abortion for cases of incest.

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    First, let me offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of William Mathers. May God comfort them...and may William rest in eternal peace.

    Since some of our members can not seem to conduct themselves in a professional manner...and have taken this tragedy as an opportunity to wage a war of words regarding "US vs. THEM"....I suggest the webteam take appropriate action. In my opinion, your arguments in this thread are not providing any positive, beneficial input to these forums.

    Learn something about respect, discretion and exercise some tact. The direction of this thread has changed from a mature discussion...into personal attacks. The abortion comment is inappropriate, at best.
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    You know, in re-reading this story I come to the realization that the fact the man was a fire fighter has absolutely nothing to do with the story. What if he was a doctor, lawyer, construction worker, factory worker, etc. Would the press have preyed on that aspect of it? Once again, the press adds to the problems in America.

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    Have you ever seen spider-man

    With Great power comes great responsibility
    Because he's a ff and charged with protecting the public, he's held up to a higher standard (as we all are and rightly should be)

    If he was a lawyer maybe not, doctor maybe more so--construction worker, factory worker-less so--

    The thing is that the public "trust's" us to protect them from fire, loss and death in MVA's. Doing what this guy did is a violation of that "trust". They pay us to keep them alive--not kill them.

    (BTW, even volunteer's are employees of the citizen, since even the smallest departments get funding from private donation and public sources such as FEMA).
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    Post Latest News Story

    First....as my freind from New Jersey says... May god bless and comfort the family of the victim here (who we often seem to forget). Second....the issue here is this.. A firefighter (who is sworn to protect and serve) hit a person and left the scene of an accident. The same firefighter would undoubtedly be livid if he had responded to a call of the same nature. He should be punished accordingly and if you notice...I made no reference to paid or volunteer. This fact has no bearing on the situation so those of you that have that in your head....get over it! Wrong is Wrong....Against the law is Against the law......


    Bradenton Herald--Bradenton.com

    Posted on Wed, Dec. 04, 2002

    Department to investigate firefighter

    East Manatee Fire Chief Robert Dodge announced Tuesday the department has launched an internal investigation into accusations against a lieutenant.

    Lt. Robert Briesacher was arrested by Florida Highway Patrol troopers Thursday and charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash, according to reports. Briesacher was off duty when authorities say he struck William Mathers and left him lying dead in ditch off Morgan Johnson Road just after midnight Thanksgiving Day.

    Dodge said he assigned the internal investigation to Deputy Fire Chief Lee Whitehurst, who will determine if any department policies and if disciplinary action is necessary. The investigation could take up to two weeks, according to reports. Dodge said there will be a news conference to announce Whitehurst's findings, and until then Briesacher will remain on paid administrative leave.
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