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    Lightbulb Written Test

    What study guides,books, or websites can you go to, to get information on Fire Department Written Tests. I have scored in the 70's, but no one is going to hire in that range. I need to boost that up to the 90's. If anybody has any suggestions, pleas reply.

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    Default Written Exam

    Try, The Complete Fire Fighter's Exam Preparation Book. You can find it in most book stores. It has some good practice tests and other useful tips.

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    There are several books on generic written exams. They can probably be obtained from any of the book vendors on I purchased mine from the large book stores. Also check out for the oral portion. A good portion of any civil service test is reading comprehension and basic math skills. You might want to try some of those types of books too.
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    As a previous post stated, Norman Hall's Complete Firefighter Exam Prep Book is a great book to use. Also, Barron's Firefighter Exam Prep Book is another good book. I used four different books and found those two to be the best. I won't even tell the names of the other two because I felt they were a waste of money. Using those two books I scored an 89 and am currently working as a FF/Paramedic for the department I applied to. Hope this helps.
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    Default Having Trouble with the Written?

    Having Trouble with the Written?

    If you haven't already figured it out yet, there are psych questions being placed in the entry level written test to eliminate candidates early in the process.

    Are you prepared? Most aren't. We've had several calls from candidates looking for a way to get over this hurdle. "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you."

    We've only found one company that is at the cutting edge of providing candidates with study information to get over this hurdle.
    Several of our candidates have purchased the home study program. One of our candidates said if he had answered the psych questions on a recent test like he normally would, he would have failed. He passed. His buddies didn't.

    I talked to several candidates yesterday at a paramedic program who just missed the cut on he Oakland Written because they were not prepared for the psych questions.
    The company is Don McNea Fire School.
    Web site:
    Phone: 800-989-3473

    Here's a testimony from a candidate who benefited from the Don McNea Fire School:

    I am sending this e-mail to say Thank You for helping me with the psych portion of the written exam. I took a test a year ago without knowing your info. and scored in the low 70's. About 3 weeks ago I took that same test and scored a 94% and will be continuing in the process. That following week I took the same exam at my home department and though I do not know my score i have been invited to continue in their process as well.

    I honestly believe that without knowing the information that you
    gave me and talking to you on the phone I would not be continuing in the process anywhere. I believe in what you have done for me and therefore I have recommended your material and website to many of the candidates that I have talked to in the past few weeks. I cannot say it enough but THANK
    YOU! THANK YOU!!! Larry

    Having Trouble with the Written?

    Are you having trouble with the written test, trying to raise your score to make the CPS cut, or want to improve your score on those few tests where the written is still weighted? Try to find out what portion of the test you are having problems. Is it the math, mechanical, aptitude, or word comprehension? Then contact your local community college for tutoring in that area.

    For math, you only need to know about twelve formulas. Once you have the formulas down, you just plug in the numbers or convert the word math problems into the formula and you can't be fooled.

    For mechanical aptitude, the ARCO Mech. Aptitude & Spatial Relations book will give you more than you will ever need. has it as their item #0133. Click here for more:

    Candidates tell us the absolute best book they have found to pass the written is the Firefighter Entrance Hand Book. Once you gorilla your way through these 279 pages, your score will be higher. One candidate told us it made his head hurt, but he got hired in Seattle.

    Try this approach. Instead of taking the sample tests in the written test books cold, go to the answers in the back and go through the first time with the answers. Then you'll know what they are looking for in the answers. It will cut your learning time. There are only so many ways they can ask a question on the same topic. You will get to the point where you can look at a question and go right to the answer. It will become scary.

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