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    Default Mercedes Battery Cables Cut But Still Power To Car!!

    I recently ran on an MVA in which the womens Mercedes Benz 500 SL, had already called 911 for her after she had impacted a gaurd rail. One more neat little feature was that after cutting the battery cables, the cars internal items still had power. Internal items being things like her Onstar computer that had called 911, now there must be two batteries in that car or one heck of a capacitor, lol. Anyways just wanted to know if anyone else has run into the same type of probs., and if so what have you learned to deal with them. Thanx

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    Two quick thoughts...

    Guess it makes sense for OnStar to have it's own backup battery to still call for help!

    Second, could've the battery been pierced by metal to still complete a circuit?

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    Some makes and models have 2 batteries, the one with optional computer game/video consoles in the back of the seats to keep the kids happy (I think it may be a Ford Galaxy)has 3 batteries, one under the hood, one under the rear seats and one in the trunk.fun huh.

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    The "new" SL (Type 230) really has two batteries, one unter the hood and one on the right side of the trunk.

    I do not now if the Onboard Computer (Mercedes Benzs calls this systeme TeleAID) has it's own backup but I know that it's common that the battery still powers some important car items like the warning lights, the interior light etc. even if the battery is cut of by a "safety battery terminal" (bmw uses such a system).

    Ron gave the solution to the "battery problem" in an article some years (!) ago, because he described a systematic battery shutdown procedure which also dealed with two batteries or new battery locations. Visit the U/E archieve for the articles.
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