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    Default New fake electronic Q2 sirens

    Anybody have any thoughts on these newfangled electronic sirens that sound like Q2B's? I've heard both the Federal Signal and Whelen versions and it seems like Federal's is somewhat more accurate sounding, but neither is exactly like the real thing. It also seems to me that it's a huge advantage to draw only 20-30 amps rather than 100, and that they can really reduce strain on a rig's electrical system. Any users out there that like them or dislike them?

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    We have about 10 trucks with the Whelen Xecuters. They are a little high pitched than the Federals. We have about 15 of the Federal Q2e's. They are a little more "real" sounding. I like their control boxes, you can put it on an automatic cycle and never hit the foot button. Would MUCH rather have a real Q, but we have Telma retarders (200 AMP draw) and a 270 amp alternator. Add a real Q at 100 amps and you scram alt's real quick. I would much rather go back with a JAKE and a real Q.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    We have 2 engines with the Federal Q2e electronic sirens on them and they work fine. The "automatic" position (basically like 'wail') is really nice - one less thing to mess with going down the road. Plenty loud enough, low amp draw, gives you the option of a second siren sound (yelp) if two units are running back-to-back, and has a VERY loud PA function - I've used it on a couple occasions - probably the most critical one was upon arrival at a wire down call (tree fell), we used it to warn an elderly pedestrian on the far side of the incident to stop where she was, as she was headed straight for the live 4000 volt line. Seems to be a good unit, no problems. Will likely spec them on anything we buy from here on out...
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    Neighboring dept. has a Q2e on a 2001 Ambulance.... Sounds good, much louder than other esirens and, added to an all LED warning light package, should help them keep alternators for a much longer time... Stay Safe....
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