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    Default Is There Still Hope?

    If I am reading things correctly there may still be as many as 1800 grants yet to be announced. Also, it sounds as if FEMA is going to try and announce before the end of the year. Is anyone out there just now receiving the 5 questions?

    Have all the 5 question participants been notified already and now FEMA is simply sorting thru?

    How many of you out there are like us and have heard nothing?

    Webteam can you shed some more light on this dimming subject?

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    If you look at SWFD94's post "Need Answer - Please Help" he states they received their 5 questions "today." He posted his thread on 12-4 so I'm assuming he got a call this morning (12-4-02). This suggests that there is still hope and calls are still going out. We're in the same boat as you guys. We've heard nothing, absolutely nothing so far. At least we haven't been rejected yet. Speaking of rejections, anyone know when the next slew of Dear Johns are going out or are they just a few at time now as they announce awards and drop somebody from the bottom? Time is running out for this year's awards and those still waiting.

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