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    Default How long should I wait?

    I've applied at a Paid-On-Call rural station on the outskirts of the town I live in. I turned in the application towards the beginning of November... BUT, they said they were in the process of promoting a new chief, so it may be a month or so. My question is, should I give a call and see if my application has been processed? Or, should I maybe stop by to meet the new chief and mention that I have tunred in a app? I don't want to hinder my chances of getting on that department, but if I'm not going to get hired there, then I'd like to start looking elsewhere. What are your thoughts on this? Any Chiefs in here that could give me a little advice?

    Thanks again!


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    stop in and visit. It can never hurt to give them a face to place with the name on the application. Who's Johny? Oh, he's the guy that helped clean the trucks the other day.

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    Default Try these...

    I would also stop in and show your face. But not
    too many times. I would also take this time to
    look at other departments in the area if you can.

    My thinking always has been- "Hey, I have something
    good to offer, if they cant see it, someone else

    While youre waiting, think of how you might get
    ready for the hiring process. Physical agility?
    Oral board? Do you have a suit? WEAR IT to any
    interview. Practice your answers for the interview,
    prepare now and it will show. Why do you want to
    volunteer/work there? Trust me, they have heard the
    basic answers in the past.

    I got some of this insight from being in the process
    myself. You can also find some answers at

    It is more geared for future professional Firefighters,
    BUT you will get alot of good interview stuff from

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    Default Call first!

    Call the new chief and after you have congratulated him, introduce yourself. It may lead to a face to face. Notice that I said "may".
    If you walk in without an appointment, you may be a victim of poor timing. Maybe the chief is having a bad day for any number of reasons.
    If you call for an appointment, he will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    Where I work, if they don't have an appointment, they make one. I will not see anyone who just "pops" in; unless it is my wife or President Bush!
    Regardless, send many resumes and follow up. The odds will be in your favor.
    Good luck.
    Hope it turns out great for you.

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