Mother Nature showed her face to the south for the first major winter storm of the 2002 yr. Winston Salem's Bravest Handle a multitued of calls. The action started around lunch time and didn't let up until late today. The calls ranged in nature from the everyday medicals, to fire alarm activation's in residences, and high rises to 10-50 PI's ( Motor Veh. accidents w/ injury). Late last night the Northside companies caught a working fire, at Virginia Lake Rd. E-14,09 A-03 and C-03 on initial alarm. Due to the weather cond. C-03 requested an additional engine, E-15 to the 1st alarm assignment. E-14 on the scene reported a 1 story structure w/ heavy smoke showing. An aggressive interior attack was made and crews had a quick knock-down. Unknown on damages. The night time was no different companies were extremely busy all night. The volees surrounding WS were on the go all day/night and today. Very severe icying and alot of power lines down and damaged transformers. The local energy company was hard at wk trying to get there customers back on-line w/ power. I also was listening to the Charlotte FD on-line and they themselves were extremely busy. Cold temps con't and everything is freezing again tonight. I also wanted to say hello to all my brother FOOLS!FTM/PTB