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    Question combination dept issues

    Hello Everyone, I am the training officer for my department and i have a problem that I am not able to solve on my own can someone please help me out? The problem i have is with the attendance in training we are a career and volunteer station. The problem is our "policy" states that as a firefighter for this department you are required to maintain at least 50% of all drill conducted per every quarter, we have 24 drills a year. and the fire chief seems to feel that it is not that important to deal with the individuals that are not meeting the requirements. which makes my job as training officer harder to do since he tells me that I am to make sure that everyone is meeting the requirements. And everytime I hand in a policy that I write he turns it down and says that is just what I would like to see happen to the individuals. Oh did I also mention that the Fire Chief is one of the individuals that is not meeting the requirements of the department. He told me that if I could find another department that really enforces the policy on training then he would start to enforce it also. Just to throw another wrench into the works the fire chief and I have the same parents, so what or how would anyone of you deal with this issue? I was threatened that if I would to his boss that he would see to it that I would no longer be employeed with that department. Thanks for you assistance in this matter.
    Any thing would help out at this point

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    After reading your post, I think you have issues that go far deeper than maintaining the Training Division, but at least I can give you my two cents on Training.

    First, get away from an hourly-based training requirement. This is difficult for departments that historically evaluated their personnel by how many hours of drill they showed up for. Start using competency-based or task-oriented training. Evaluate your personnel on their skills, not on their attendance.

    Second, provide your Chief with a copy of your States firefighter training laws (you don't mention what State your in)...so assuming you're an OSHA State, get the Training Section, highlight all the passages that directly correspond to your division, sit down with the Chief and tell him that is what you're working toward, document your discussion and send him a follow-up letter.

    I recently submitted a copy of my Training Division's budget proposal for the 2003 year to our Board of Commissioners. As they were going through it, one Commissioner made a comment that we could cut a couple of programs and save a couple of thousand dollars. I asked all the Commissioners to turn over the proposal packet, and on the back of the last page was the hotline phone number to our States Labor and Industries (our version of OSHA). I made no threats, just pointed out the phone number. I received full funding.

    Sounds like you need to deal with your other problems first though.

    Good Luck to you.

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    was the policy created before or after your dept became combination?
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