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    Default Extending state certification to others states

    I have just received my firefighting certificate in the state of Michigan. So far, I am not finding many job openings here, and would like to look in neighboring states. How difficult is it to obtain certification in a second state? Does one just take an exam, or is there more to it than that?

    Thanks for any suggestions or advice.

    Tomasz K.
    Hamtramck, MI

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    Like anything in the fire service, it all varies from state to state and dept to dept. Usually FD's do not require any previous experience or training what so ever. So yes, just sign up and take a test. The pre-requisates will be stated by the dept. The one certification that does come up time and time again is either EMT-B or EMT-P as a prereq.
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    Default IFSAC or NPQS?

    If it is IFSAC or NPQS certified you may be able to transfer it to other states or challenge their certifications. Most of the time you just send them copies of your certifications or course transcripts and then take a scheduled test. Most have continuing education requirements though.
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