Small plane crash kills two

LEE COUNTY, December 6, 2002 — A plane crashed into a south Fort Myers neighborhood Friday killing at least two people and damaging two homes. Wreckage from the plane was scattered over a block in Cross Creek off Daniels Parkway.

The plane, a twin engine Baron 58, crashed fifty yards from Cross Creek’s 18th fairway at about 3:55 p.m.

According to a spokesperson from the NTSB, the plane, leaving from St. Joseph, Missouri, was attempting to land at Page Field, but could not. The pilot attempted a landing at Southwest Florida International Airport, but the plane crashed on approach to SWFIA. According to investigators, the pilot was in a “fuel critical” situation.

Two homes suffered roof damage from the crash, but according to eyewitnesses, no one inside either home was injured. One of the engines was found in the roof of the second home the plane hit.

Susan Sanders of the Lee County Airport Authority confirmed that two people in the plane were killed.

The two people killed were possibly the owners of Sav-On Furniture in St. Joseph's, Missouri. Employees at the store confirmed that the owners were planning to fly their plane to Naples on Friday. They also confirmed that the tail number, N24IJG, matches the tail number of the owner's plane.

Officials at the Savon furniture store in Fort Myers say the companies are not related.

Roads into the Cross Creek area are closed and residents are unable to drive into the area.