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    When PGFD units go to work on structural fires, they go to "Level 1 Operations", or something similar. What are these levels and what do they mean?

    Webteam... I know alot of you guys are PGFD guys, you help me out?


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    Try . I bet Phantom and the gang could give you a clear explanination...

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    I believe "Level 1" refers to the accountability procedures to be used at the incident. "Level 1" seems to be the normal working fire accountability system.

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    Level 1 Operations means, do your assigned job. They may say level 1 ops for the first engine and truck, that means that the rest hold tight until told different. If they pull up and have a fire they will usually say level 1 operations, and that simply says going to work.

    Hope that helps

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    Talking Level, Level, we're all on the Level.....

    "Level 1 Ops" indicates a working fire. In order to allow a minimal crew to get set up, we sometimes indicate "level 1 ops for 1st eng., 1st special service" (special service is a Truck/Tower or Squad) This allows the first in crews to go to work on a small job or start to investigate if the problem is not apparent as you pull up in front. Do not confuse "Level 1 stage" with "Level 1 ops". Level 1 stage is for all units to take a position near the address and stand by, keeping all people on the rig. Level 2 stage means to establish a staging area, remote from the action, with a chief in charge as staging officer. As additional resources are requested by the incident commander they are provided by the staging officer, who will request additional units as needed to fill staging. WAIT! There's more! Level 1 Accountability! Everyone has a P.A.T. tag, and as they get on the rig, they hang the tag on the unit ring. The unit ring is given to, or collected by, the Accountability officer on the incident scene. The rings are hung on a board, and tracked, by "Accountability" as the officer is designated on the radio. Level 2 accountability is used when appropriate. This includes periodic roll calls and much tighter access to the incident scene (common on HazMat, Bombs Etc.) Hope this helps. Any more info needed?? Post or PM, I'll try to help. or email Stay Safe....
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