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    Default highlights of fires during ice storm and power outage

    charlotte today.after over about 75 working fires in the last four days. it is to hard to list all of them. cfd and county units and running non stop. even with 4 extra units city is still taxed to it's limit's.
    working fire during storm 3808 rama road 1 story wood house great rescue of owner and dog. damage to home was heavy as all city units working.
    collive road 3 alarms 4000 s/f foot house 2 story wood f/i on arrival on power in the area. ladders up and working. 2 million dollars loss.
    west blvd at sams mart 2 working fires friday fire from genorator started fire in rear of store causig medium danage. second fire today totaled the rest of the store.no cause known yet.
    south tryon super 8 motel working fire in motel went working fire plus.s/c 150 people removed from building.most were seeking place from cold that had power.
    as of this post 150,000 still without power and cold rain is falling in area.
    debris from storm would cover 30 acares 15 feet deep.

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    Number of runs and working fires in the city are staggering.

    A few corrections: Just before 9pm on friday, Clanton Rd. Super 8 fire -- it went to 3 alrms.

    Just after 9pm, on Colville Rd. at Eastover -- 2 alarms for well-involved 8,000sq. ft. brick house.

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