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    Thumbs up Hello from a future firefighter

    I am 16 years old and am going to try and be a voulenteer firefighter when I turn 18. At first I really did not know that I wanted to be a ff. Well, I guess it started in the 8 th grade when my best friend is a ff. He told me all of his stories and I really did not care then. Later in the 9th grade me and my friend started being homeschooled. So I don't see as much of him as I used to. I bought me a scanner and just was amazed at what ff's really do. The one night it just hit me I know what I want to do. I really like what ff's do now and I realize how they put there life on the line just to put out a fire. Then I thought that was something I could do. Well now I know

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    If possible, you should try to find an Explorer post or Junior Firefighter program in a department near you. Sure, you won't be able to go on interior attack, but it is the best learning experience you will ever have!
    These are my opinions, not those of my career department, my volunteer company, or my affiliates. And by the way, I'm not a Junior.

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    Cool explorer post

    Joining and Explorer post was one of the best things i've done. I've been with my fire post for almost three years and have become asst. chief and now chief. i am also in an ems explorer post that i joined almost a year ago. i strongly urge people interested in fire and/or ems to join a post.

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