charlotte nc 6500 monroe road across from station 3. 3 working fires in 20 min. looks like arson.fires str=arted inrear storage rooms.
first fire6503 monroe road.heavy fire showing on arrival.3 lines and one ladder working.this fire engines3,29,ladder29 w/f rescue 3 bc4 1 engine14
10 min later 6419 mnroe road same 2 story wood apartment different building.heavy fire showing again.engines19,23,ladder 23,1 bc3 3 lines out and used.s/c engine 8 car 8 dep chief s/c mobile command post.
6405 monroe road third working fire. heavy fire again.bc 5 engines16,64,ladder 4 rescue 10 s/c engines 15 2 lines used.
station 3 set up as shelter for about 15 homeless.
engine 14 clear from first fire to assist in searching all apartments in this complex. it has about 320 apartments.
fire watch all night with units changing every 2 hours. all investigators called in.
large number pof extention cords foundgoing from units with power to other units.