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    Does your Fire Dept. use software to keep track of incidents and personnel and etc.? Example is FireFighter PRO software. If you do use a software what is it? and what is the site you can get info on it? thanks

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    We use Fire Programs. Not only keeps track of runs, but also inventory, hose tests, pump tests, hydrant tests, etc.

    It works pretty well for us, but there are somethings that I wish were different.

    You can get information from Fire Programs web site

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    Incident-wise, Kentucky will issue usernames and passwords to download NFIRS from the FEMA web site if we request to do so and fill out an NFIRS incident report on paper to show we know what we're talking about.

    Firehouse has an NFIRS-compatible incident system (state used to provide it to us 'til FEMA got bugs out) that includes training, hydrants, personnel, equipment, etc. The version we had only allowed us to do the incidents, but the rest of it looked very good.
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    Default fire software

    You might want to look at a Candian
    company...Exchange on the dollar etc...

    I haven't seen the newest version
    but it is the full package.

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